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Çarşamba Konferansı: "Managers, artifacts and the social..."

( Yayın Tarihi : 28.03.2014 )

Managers, artifacts and the social: Balancing rigour and relevance in information management research

Bölümümüzün Bilgi Topluluğu ile ortaklaşa düzenlediği 2013-2014 BBY Konferans/Panel Dizisi (Çarşamba Konferansları) 9 Nisan 2014 Çarşamba günü Erasmus programı kapsamında Bölümümüzü ziyaret edecek olan António Lucas Soares'in konuşması ile devam edecek. Emel Doğramacı Amfisinde (Amfi 1) gerçekleştirilecek olan konferansın başlığı "Managers, artifacts and the social: Balancing rigour and relevance in information management research."

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 "Managers, artifacts and the social: Balancing rigour and relevance in information management research"

Konuşmacı: António Lucas Soares ((Department of Informatics Engineering, Faculty of Engineering (FEUP), University of Porto and INESC-TEC Porto)


Tarih: 9 Nisan 2014 Çarşamba

Saat: 14:45

Yer: Edebiyat Fakültesi Emel Doğramacı Amfisi (Amfi 1)



This talk is about the relationships between information systems engineering, management and information science, while sharing common development objects: technology, work and organizations. I will approach these crossing perspectives from a research point of view, focusing on the nature and attributes of the "artifacts" produced by the research activities in these scientific areas. This view is surely biased by an engineering perspective although, as I will argue, there is much in common with a management (and organization theory) and information science perspective.

Firstly, I will synthesize some literature on the subject of design science research, identifying the commonalities between IS and (information) management research. Then, I will discuss the nature of the artifacts produced, showing that some are certainly technical but also have a social nature, and other are certainly social but also possessing a technical nature. This calls for a common theoretical ground framing the production of scientific knowledge in these areas and informing the collaborative design of work and technology in the organization. The meaning of the "social" here is twofold: (i) as an intrinsic component of both engineering and (information) management research methods and outcomes, and (ii) as a process involving researchers and employees (in the researched/intervined companies).

My thesis is that the artifacts produced by research in information systems engineering and those produced by research in (information) management are simultaneously "designed artifacts" and "boundary objects", inheriting some theoretical grounding from the Design Sciences, and being able to share successfully some methodological approaches. Nevertheless, issues such as the rigour-relevance dilemma are well known and apply to both areas of research. I will focus some attention on this issue as it is of great importance for example in H2020 european projects.


Short Bio

António Lucas Soares is an Associate Professor at the Department of Informatics Engineering at the University of Porto - Faculty of Engineering. There, he is the director of the master programme in Information Science and teaches Information Systems related courses. He leads the research in 'Collaborative Networks' at INESC TEC, an R&D institute in systems and computing engineering at University of Porto. He is member of the editorial board of IJTHI and several program committees, and reviewer of several international journals. He is a founding member of the Portuguese Chapter of the Association for Information Systems. He has coordinated several teams in UE and nationally funded projects in the last fifteen years. His research interests are related to the topics of collaborative networks of organizations, socio-technical design, information and knowledge management, socio-semantics, and semantic enabled systems. His alter-ego is a photographer living in and

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